Question 1: How to understand DWIN product model number?


Take DMT10768T080_A2WT for example



DWIN Smart LCMs product line.


Color: T=65K color (16bit)    G=16.7M color (24bit).


Horizontal Resolution: 32=320  48=480  64=640  80=800 85=854 10=1024  12=1280  13=1364  14=1440  19=1920.


Vertical Resolution: 240=240  480=480  600=600  720=720  768=768  800=800  108=1080  128=1280.


Application: M or L=Consumer  C=Commercial  T=Industrial  K=Medical  QAutomotive  S=Military  F=Total Solution.


Display Area: 080= Diagonal dimension of screen is 8 inch.




Category, 0-Z, "A" refers in particular to Smart LCMs drived by DGUS II kernel.


Hardware Serial Number: 0-9 for different Hardware version.




N=Without TP   TR=Resistive Touch Panel   TC=Capacitive Touch Screen   T=With TP

Note 1

NoneStandard Product  Z**=ODM Product, ** could be 01-99.

Note 2

NoneStandard Product  F*=Extended Flash Memory (F1=1GB F2=2GB).
























Question 2: How can I start development with a DWIN LCD Module? Can I assemble it directly on my machine?

Answer: No, you should update the program to LCD at first, and then assemble it.

Step 1, check the software platform of the screen, it mentioned in datasheet.

Step 2, use the correct development SDK (different platform use different SDK) to finish developing.

Step 3, update software program and test

Step 4, when test OK, assemble it on machine.


Question 3: What industries are DWIN LCD used in?

Answer: Beauty machine, Physical therapy, Health and fitness, Medical treatment, Air treatment, Air control, Transportation (Car & ship instruments), instruments and apparatus automation, Electricity, Water treatment, IC design and manufacture, Kitchen appliances  (Juicer, oven, ice machine, ice-cream machine, kitchen ventilator), New energyPhotovoltaic, Wind electricity, Charging Pile, Household appliances…


Question 4: Does DWIN product need a MOQ when purchase? I only need some samples in the first.

Answer: No MOQ for standard product, and we have free sample for application, please contact, or scan below QR, or leave messages to us on



Question 5: Will DWIN have online technical support?

Answer: Yes of cause, below 6 ways you can get technical support.

-  Hotline: 4000189008              

-      QQ: 4000189008

-  DWIN wechat official ( scan the above QR)

-   E-mail:

-  DWIN  Forum: hppt://

-   Leave messages to us on  


Question 6: What kind of Express are supported? Trade terms is ?

Answer: DHL, TNT, UPS, Fedex. Trade terms is EXW.


Question 7: How long is the operating life of the product?

Answer: Industrial grade screen: 30,000 - 50,000 hours                

 Consumer and Commercial screen: 10,000 hours

(Operating life means brightness goes down to 50% of initial brightness)


Question 8How long is the product life cycle, and how long is the customer notified before the production is discontinued?

Answer: DWIN will always produce all the product if customer place orders, although the product have to stop production, that might because of one of the material supplier stopped production, we will inform customer at least 6 month in advance, and push a new product that could be the replacement ASAP.


Question 9: What kind of product are DWIN providing?

Answer:  Smart TFT LCD, Liquid screen, Touch panel, Cover board, IC chip, IC+screen+Touch panel customize solution, Total solution.


Question 10: How to update the program to DWIN LCD?

Answer: 1, Via serial port ( use Download tool in SDK)

                  2, Via Micro SD card


Question 11: I want to use PLC with modbus protocol, is modbus suppoted?

Answer: Yes of cause, after download modbus kernel, DWIN screen will support modbus protocol.

  (PS: some module not support update modbus kernel, please check with DWIN service before buying.)


Question 12: Does it support playing videos or audios?

Answer: Yes, all the LCD which with speaker interface support playing audios.

 Multi-media product support analog video and digital video.


Question 13: Why my screen do not make beep voice when I touch the button?


1)check if the LCD have buzzer in hardware.  (see below picture)


2) check if the touch tone register set ON.


Question 14: How many pictures can be stored in display?

Answer: Different software platform, different resolution, decided the quantities of pictures, customers can find the exactly quantities in datasheet. For example, T5UID1 platform, 320*240 resolution LCD can save 245 pictures, named from number 0 to number 244.



Question 15: What accessories should I order with screen together?

Answer:  Check what socket of LCD in datasheet, and then find what kind of accessories you want, remember the model number.



Question 16: Where I can find the development details for my screen?


- official website 

Data center

- get from QQ: 4000189008

-  DWIN wechat official ( scan the QR)


-   E-mail:

-  DWIN  Forum: hppt://

    - Leave messages to us on


Question 17: What size screen can you provide?

Answer: 2.4’’ 2.8’’ 3.0’’ 3.5’’ 4.0’’ 4.1’’ 4.3’’ 5.0’’ 5.6’’ 6.86’’ 7.0’’ 8.0’’ 8.88’’ 9.7’’ 10.1’’ 10.2’’ 10.4’’ 12.1’’ 15.0’’ 15.6’’ 18.5’’


Question 18: Why my SD card cannot update program to screen? Must I use your DWIN SD card?

Answer: Memory of SD card: 2GB/ 4GB/ 8GB/ 16GB

                    Format SD card following below step:

Create a “DWIN_SET” folder in the root directory of SD card and copy all the files (such as picuctures, fonts and config files ) into that “DWIN_SET” folder.


Question 19: I don’t want spend my time on development your screen, can you development it for me?

Answer: Yes, DWIN provide customize solutions, please contact DWIN salesman and provide the demands detail.


Question 20: What Warranty for quality of DWIN screen?

Answer: Terms of Warranty12 months starting from the B/L date.


Question 21: What terms of payment?

Answer: Terms of Payment100% T/T in advance.

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